Course Overview

Lessons for Children (Ages 3+)

At 3 years of age, children become very capable and confident in their swimming ability. Even so, parents and swimming teachers must not underestimate the value of parental involvement and supervision during the swimming lesson.

Parent Participation is CRUCIAL in childhood development.

Parental participation in the swim lesson allows for a safe and secure learning environment, maximum swim practice time, and continual direction and attention.
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Drowning Prevention
Florida Foundation

Our Drowning Prevention Florida Foundation provides services to families with low income and special needs, giving swimming lessons and aquatic therapy.

Across Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach, we facilitate learning and rehabilitation in a safe, comfortable, and family environment. We establish and give valuable tips for the safety of families, many who wish to learn about drowning prevention and swimming therapy.

Our students develop and improve at a rapid pace, and you can observe their advances during the course.

All proceeds inside our facility go towards the Drowning Prevention Florida foundation.

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