Course Overview

Armed Forces Classes

In an effort to support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and American Red Cross, our academy has been working on ways to help those already serving, and those about to dive in. Water confidence is an essential part of many military, water safety or lifeguard careers, in particular special operations. Whether you are swimming, boating, or going to a water park, everyone should know the basics of water safety and learn about all swimming techniques. Understanding these different strokes helps you to choose better in which direction to go. We offer courses for personal safety and swimming for all ages, safety in small water craft, and courses leading to certification in lifeguarding and/or Basic Training Physical Fitness Tests for the Armed Forces.

Important Information

Before joining this program, be aware of the following: This course in no way offers the same rigorous practices as the respective entities. Despite this, we will do all we can to best prepare you for these exercises.

Whether it is swimming efficiency and/or stamina, combat strokes, mask and snorkel, breath control, treading water, as well as the four swimming techniques, The Crawl, or Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and the Butterfly Stroke. We can do intensive one on one specific training and coaching, or be a general guide. Finally, if you are looking for swimming lessons, all year around, you can train in any kind of weather, where you are welcomed and applauded for who you are, or are about to accomplish, look no further than your friends.

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Drowning Prevention
Florida Foundation

Our Drowning Prevention Florida Foundation provides services to families with low income and special needs, giving swimming lessons and aquatic therapy.

Across Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach, we facilitate learning and rehabilitation in a safe, comfortable, and family environment. We establish and give valuable tips for the safety of families, many who wish to learn about drowning prevention and swimming therapy.

Our students develop and improve at a rapid pace, and you can observe their advances during the course.

All proceeds inside our facility go towards the Drowning Prevention Florida foundation.

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